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San Vincenzo

Departure from our information desk in Piazza San Vincenzo.

After a short briefing the excursion leading us up to the height of 920masl will start.

During the ascent of about 3 hours we will stop for 3, 4 intermediate pauses to enjoy the landscape.

After arriving to the summit area, we will stop for about 1 hour to admire the spectacular “strombolian” activity of the volcano.

We will go back to the starting point crossing at first the Rina Grande scree slope and then the typical strombolian rushes. The descent lasts about 2 hours.

The ascent is not a short walk but a trekking suitable for people fit enough, there are steep stairs and parts of the route covered with volcanic sands and ashes, where it is quite difficult to proceed.

  • Trekking boots* with high socks;
  • Headlamp flashlight* (one each);
  • Extra t-shirt;
  • Pull and anorak (k-way);
  • Backpack (10-20L)
  • Water, at least 1.5L
  • Snack and packed lunch

*Available rental in loco

In order to avoid risks, it is very important to be totally aware about oneself health conditions and to inform eventually your guide about them.
Here following some notes about safety.

Pregnant women
No hiking activity is allowed after the third month of pregnancy for security reasons and physical integrity.

Heart disease, asthma and vertigo
All hiking activities at any altitude are not suitable for people suffering from these diseases, both for low altitudes and higher ones.

Contact Lenses
The use of contact lenses is forbidden during any excursions, above all for those leading up to summit area, due to the presence of volcanic ashes spread by the wind.

Changes of schedule
Excursions schedules are subject to changes or interruptions at the discretion  of the guide if weather conditions, environmental causes, or volcanic risks can represent any source of danger.

Moreover, the guide has the authority to interrupt the excursion for any reason risking to compromise the safety and so the physical integrity of a single person or of the whole group.

3 hours before the sunset

5-6 hours

+900m, -900m

Difficulty grade:

Price in max 20 pax group:
€ 28,00pp
+ local tax € 5,00 (if expected)

Available excursion with an exclusive private Guide (price upon request);

Private agreements for agencies, tour-operators and groups.